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Pet or wildlife portraits make fabulous gifts, it could be a memorial piece to remember a beloved family pet that is sadly no longer with us, a unique piece that captures your special friends character or your favourite wild animal. 

For pet portraits I would require a good quality photo preferably at a high resolution so I can capture as much detail as possible, the photo should have even natural lighting i.e. no shadows or bright light showing on your pet.

For wildlife portraits I can source a variety of good quality wildlife reference photos or I can use your own if you have one that would be suitable.

I will need the permission of the photographer to use the photos as references should they not be your own.

Please see the photograph guide below which gives examples of acceptable photos from which I can work from.



A4 (8" x 12") mounted to 12' x 16" £100*

A3 (12" x 16") mounted to 16' x 20" £150*

A 50% non-refundable booking fee is required before I start your commission with the balance payable upon completion and before posting.

*Prices quoted above are for single subjects with no background, for multiple subjects and/or a background  please contact me to discuss your requirements.

Included with your commission :

  • Advice choosing a photo and composition 

  • Regular progress updates

  • Picture mount 

  • Uk shipping

Photograph Guide


In focus, clear eyes, lots of fur detail.


Eyes not visible, blurred, no detail.

Digital photos are preferable as I can zoom in for more detail but if you only have printed photos I may still be able to use them.

If you would like to order a commission please contact me to discuss your requirements below.

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